The Sewcial Scene

A Different Kind of Home Party…


The concept for my company came to me one day after talking with a friend who had never learned how to sew but had always wanted to. She wasn’t very excited about spending a lot of money on a sewing machine and the tools needed to get started when she wasn’t sure if she would even enjoy sewing enough to pursue it after buying everything. If only she could ‘try it out’ without spending much time, money, and effort.

Around this time, my last ‘baby’ was getting ready to start Kindergarten and my stay-at-home days with my kiddos were almost over. What a great time to expand upon my sewing pattern design business and still be able to be home when my kids get home from school! I was also excited for a way to utilize my college degrees, work experience and passion for teaching! And that’s how The Sewcial Scene was born.

Using the basic concept of a home party by coming to the customer and by providing the sewing tools needed to learn and sew a simple project, I believe that I have a unique and fun teaching experience for customers to obtain a lifelong skill that they will, hopefully, love as much as I do!

As a girl who loves her family, sewing, and Jesus, I want to bless women who are trying to support entire families or are single mothers who desperately want to get out of poverty in a positive way. I have opted to give 10% of all income from The Sewcial Scene to special Women’s Programs through Samaritan’s Purse, an amazing organization that provides international relief to people in Jesus’ name. Please read the description for Samaritan’s Purse Women’s Programs below and take a minute to read the personal testimony of a woman who received sewing training (falls under vocational training) and a sewing machine from her local church in Uganda (from funds provided by Samaritan’s Purse).


Samaritan’s Purse Women’s Programs:

Women all over the world face the dark reality of abandonment, exploitation, and abuse. Samaritan’s Purse works to reach the most vulnerable of these with the light of the Gospel. We meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women through programs like abuse prevention, safe migration and trafficking awareness, general and maternal health, vocational training, family counseling, and discipleship.

Please read Molly Adongo’s personal testimony story here:

Grace for Her Scars


Kristen Wright

The Sewcial Scene Owner


Kristen has been sewing for over 30 years and enjoys teaching others a new skill. Contact her today for more information or to sign up with some friends for a Learning-to-Sew class!